A cup of joe in the right,
A blank sheet in the left.
With my spectacles at the tip of my nose,
I set to work once again.

I sat and sketched the street below,
In the tranquil peace of my window.
And that was when I saw the kid
Who reminded me of someone known.

My sibling goes below the street,
I mumbled keeping down the sheet.
I smiled at the way he walked about,
Those tiny feet scuffling around.

Memories came flooding to my mind,
How he used to run as I ran behind.
How he grew up and so did I.
And how this kid is so alike!

The tiny kid with curly hair.
Who tripped so much here and there!
But then my joy came crumbling down,
As he hit his head on the chair.

As when the mother came to his rescue,
I saw that the kid is not my brother I knew.
But in fact, he was just the face…
And had a different life. A different fate.

And then it dawned on me.
He had a different history than we.
And so did the mother caressing her son.
And so did every person on the Earth!

It’s not just me who is unique,
Every person has their story!

P.s. Check out John Koenig’s outstanding YouTube channel, The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows, right now. He coins these amazing words, just like he coined Sonder, and he permitted me to take his words out. 🙂 Thank you John! I know the poetry is not good at all. I will get better at it.


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