What Is This All About?



I am Adwitiya┬áR. Dixit. This blog is a project I wanted to work on ever since I found out about Vercisia Poetry, the evidence to which I have found absolutely none. I may have heard wrong but you can check out this video by YouTube channel, Vsauce, here. Michael goes on to quote a person that such poetry is a moment when, “The writer chooses to write about nothing, instead of anything.”

This statement made me wonder what poetry itself truly is. If you have ever been around me and this topic arose, this is what you have heard:

Poetry is loking a box with a secret inside, keeping that inside a box which is kept inside another box and this goes on forever. A good poet is one who lays out a secret in a poem and wraps it all up in infinite boxes, each filled with a treat inside. You can get closer to the secret with a specific emotion opening each of the boxes, but you can never reach the very center. Each layer is a confession; but the truth is hidden in plain sight; only to never be found.

Think about it. Read the same poem in different emotions and you’ll get to a different layer added by the poet. But if this is what poetry is, what about the moment when I choose to write nothing instead of anything?

This is my treasure chest. Filled with an increasing number of my boxes where I etch my secrets on the walls of the chest and wrap them all up, losing them to infinity. This is where you are Indiana Jones seeking the very center of my chests, wrapped in infinity. This is where I reward you with each layer, etched with another giveaway. You lose nothing and interestingly I have nothing to lose too!

To conclude, I would like to say that poetry in itself is a poetry. It begins in itself and ends in itself, much like the circumference of a well. Sure you can walk around it and say, “I know what this well is. It begins and ends in itself. I have walked around the walls of this well long enough to know where it will take me.”

But my dear friend, you forgot to look inside the well, at the depths.

Explore the secrets. Read a poem.