Please, Oh Please! 

I hope you don’t mind
But please, Oh please
Be mine?

I don’t want much, ya know?
Not the hugs, the embraces.
The cuddles, the kisses; No!

I just want to see you grow.
Older, smarter.
Grayer. Better so.

I really hope that you don’t mind,
But please. Oh please!
Be mine.


I Did Not Kiss Her This Year

I was doing the dishes today,
I saw her outside.
Through the glass, she stared.
Right in my eye.
Looking for answers.

I had none to give.
And I swear I would run to her
Hold her by her waist and kiss her.
But I didn’t.
I did not kiss her this year.

We used to be a thing.
She was around for just a quarter year,
I’d wait for her the months 9.
But this year she was hurt,
She found me married on her return.

And as I looked in her eyes,
The pain was visible.
The hurt was evident.
Her eyes termed me Brutus.
Her departure was near.

But my hands were tied.
My wife, a doctor, didn’t allow.
To go out with the clothing warm.
Lady Winters departure without a kiss
Is not my fault.


The Kiss


The quiet and gentle breeze.
Was quietly and hastily working in the kitchen.

Who did everything mischieveiously.
Was impatiently humming around her.

In a haste she was.
Continiously working without pause.
In a rush, she asked him to give her the salt.

“Could you give me that?”

With a twinkle in his eye
And a plan so naughty on his mind,
He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Confused and angered,
Her tone in a cold-stoned demeanor.
She asked, “Why did you do that?”

And he in a voice meek,
And a devilish grin from cheek to cheek;
Replied, “You asked for that.

P.s. Happy birthday to both of my parents.