Hush The Deafening Silence

It’s building up behind his throat,

A growl in anguish calling out.

Eyes blind. The lights bright.

Reaching out forevermore,

To hush the deafening silence.

And lull the incandescent darkness on the mind.

Lost in the light,

Silent, cold and afraid.

Lies the lad.

Finding solace in solitude and seeking it nevermore.



And here he stands.

Signifying the end.

And it’s just the truth.
I can’t refuse,
I can’t accept.
Just regret.

And even though I can smudge
And make him look like a pause,
I can’t deny.

That here he stands.

Yin Yang

If there is one thing
That I don’t understand,
It’s got to be the Yin and the Yang.

Why do they have to be two?
Why can’t just one do?

Why are they even here?

To spoil the sunny days with heavy rain?
Or to spoil the heavy rain with sunny days?

They interfere a lot.
Because of them, me and lover fought!

It was all too good to be true,
Then jealous of the Yang came in Yin
And the whole thing blew!

I just don’t understand!
What’s the deal, with the Yin and the Yang.

I Did Not Kiss Her This Year

I was doing the dishes today,
I saw her outside.
Through the glass, she stared.
Right in my eye.
Looking for answers.

I had none to give.
And I swear I would run to her
Hold her by her waist and kiss her.
But I didn’t.
I did not kiss her this year.

We used to be a thing.
She was around for just a quarter year,
I’d wait for her the months 9.
But this year she was hurt,
She found me married on her return.

And as I looked in her eyes,
The pain was visible.
The hurt was evident.
Her eyes termed me Brutus.
Her departure was near.

But my hands were tied.
My wife, a doctor, didn’t allow.
To go out with the clothing warm.
Lady Winters departure without a kiss
Is not my fault.


I Looked In The Mirror & Saw A Face

I’m serious.
This is not a joke.
I looked in the mirror and saw a face.

It was nothing scary.
Not at all like those horror films.
But it was indeed a face.

It wasn’t creepy.
It wasn’t the face of a stranger.
But it was indeed someone I used to know.

I might even call him familiar.
The beard has grown, the hair unkempt.
But the feature were just the same as I remembered.

I don’t know.
It wasn’t a pleasure seeing him again.
On the contrary I never quite liked him.

But c’est la vie!
Ghosts from the past aren’t adorable.
I swear, I looked in the mirror and saw a face.

The Kiss


The quiet and gentle breeze.
Was quietly and hastily working in the kitchen.

Who did everything mischieveiously.
Was impatiently humming around her.

In a haste she was.
Continiously working without pause.
In a rush, she asked him to give her the salt.

“Could you give me that?”

With a twinkle in his eye
And a plan so naughty on his mind,
He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Confused and angered,
Her tone in a cold-stoned demeanor.
She asked, “Why did you do that?”

And he in a voice meek,
And a devilish grin from cheek to cheek;
Replied, “You asked for that.

P.s. Happy birthday to both of my parents.